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24 May 2017


Linh was just notified by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) that her H-1B visa has been approved!
Her current US Occupational/Professional Training (OPT) visa expires today!
The H-1B visa approval means that she can continue working at her current job (i.e., she does NOT have to take any leave without pay).
Other details later.

22 March 2017

Travel Day

Linh & I left NOLA this morning. I have just now arrived home in Winchester VA. Linh caught a bus from NOLA to Houston TX (where she will attend a friend's Vietnamese wedding. Linh will return home (Philipi, WV) this coming Sunday.
I hope that everyone enjoyed sharing our NOLA experiences - and - thanks you Kim and Tom for being our gracious hosts!

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Mississippi & Gulf of Mexico

Linh, Kim and I drove to Pass Harbor, MS to have a magnificent seafood lunch (crawfish, crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, oysters "rock-a-collard"). All of this overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. After lunch we all took a long nap laying on the white sand beach - bright, sunny, nice breeze, 72 degrees = superb.

21 March 2017

Kim's Shotgun House

Many of you have asked for pics of Kim's house. It is a classical shotgun.
Kim runs an AirBnB service - for pics of interior of house see 

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Beignets & Swamp

We have beignets and cafe au laits every day - Linh's first we're here in New Orleans and she loves them!
We went on a swamp tour today.
Saw several alligators - and ...

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Another Gator & a Boar

... see above pics

20 March 2017

Super Sunday 1

Today was Super Sunday in New Orleans = black communities form tribes and elect chiefs who are men that make elaborate Indian chief costumes and parade down the streets. Top pic is Linh standing in front of one of the chief's costumes.
The pics below are of different tribal chiefs parading down the streets.
The chiefs and their group stop at bars along the parade routes. Booze and food are sold by many, many street vendors - the aromas of the food and marijuana permeate everywhere!

Super Sunday 2

More tribe chiefs.

Super Sunday 3

Super Sunday 4